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Diary Dates

Term 1
► Wednesday 7 February
Year 7 Information Evening
► Monday 12 February
College Swimming Carnival
► Tuesday 13 February
Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)
► Wednesday 14 February
Ash Wednesday
Valentine's Day 
► Friday 16 February
Parish Gala Night (Oaklands House)
► Wednesday 21 February
Year 11 Assessment Information Evening
► Wednesday 21 - Friday 23 February
Year 7 Camp
► Wednesday 28 February
Year 7 Vaccinations (1st Dose HPV, dTpa)
Year 12 Learning Conferences (4pm-7pm)
► Tuesday 6 March
Open Evening 2018
Reflection Day Year 7
► Wednesday 7 March
Reflection Day Year 8
► Thursday 8 March
Reflection Day Year 9
► Friday 9 March
Cross Country
► Friday 16 March
Marian Day 2018

— Volume 31 | Issue 1 | Friday 2 February, 2018 —


Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2018!  The year is already one month old and in less than two weeks, we will be entering the liturgical season of Lent in preparation for Easter.  The hot cross buns and Easter eggs went on sale before we had time to pack away the Christmas decorations!

While the students have only just returned to Marian, the staff have been hard at work for a number of weeks, preparing the grounds and facilities, sorting the administrative information and planning the classes and events that will form our community...

Parent Wellbeing: The best way to build your wellbeing and personal growth is through contributing to make a positive difference to others’ lives; doing good to feel good. Describe three times you have done this and the emotions you felt.

When adolescents experience something, their thinking is influenced by two competing parts of their brain, the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex.

  • The amygdala is the unconscious part which generates emotions. It is well developed in students and causes the fight, flight or freeze reactions, depending on the intensity of the positive or negative emotions produced.

  • The prefrontal cortex is the conscious rational part which controls the intensity of their emotions to make decisions. It not fully developed till they reach their late teens or early twenties. As a consequence, their responses to what they...

Bushfire Response Procedures

As part of our Bushfire Response Plan, it is important that all parents are aware of how both Marian Catholic College and St Madeleine’s Primary School will respond if there is any threat of bushfire in proximity to the school campus. 

Throughout the bushfire season, both schools maintain a continuous daily summary of the fire risk in the area by monitoring Fires Near Us and consulting with the Rural Fire Service (RFS).

In the event of an identified bushfire risk, the Principals will make the decision on whether school should be cancelled on that day, evacuated, or lock down procedures put in place.

These decisions will be based upon the following risk assessments:

On the day prior to an identified fire risk, at 4pm a decision on conditions will be made by the RFS. If the conditions are deemed:

The Principals will alert the Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta (CEDP), all staff, families and contractors via phone notification (using the School Stream app) or SMS text that the school will be closed the following day and will remain so until the all-clear has been given by the RFS.

Extreme and/or Severe:
The Principals will confer with the RFS and the CEDP and make a decision as to whether the school will close while these conditions prevail. Alerts will be given via email and text.

Very High:
The Principals’ assessment will be on a ‘Watch and Act’ basis and a decision will be made in response to the progress of fires in the area. In the case of fire within 2km of the campus, the schools will go into bushfire lockdown. An alert will be sent via email and text to all families informing them of the situation.

In the case of a lockdown, St Madeleine’s students will be escorted to the hall and Marian students will be accommodated both in the hall and the iLearn Centre.  Both buildings have been constructed to render them ember resistant and they have been identified by the RFS as the safest places of refuge on the site.  In each location, we will have water, snack foods and medical equipment on hand.

All adults and students, including visitors and contractors, will remain on site until authorities indicate that it is safe to leave.  We will endeavor to keep families informed via text and email while we are in lockdown if we are able to do so.

No persons will be permitted to enter the Marian Catholic College or St Madeleine’s Primary School sites once a lockdown has been activated.

Uniform and Grooming Policy

Marian Catholic College is a uniform school and students are expected to be neat and well-groomed at all times.

Correct school uniform is to be worn while travelling to and from the College, while at the College, and at any formal occasion designated by the Principal. No other coats, blazers, jumpers, tops, jerseys trousers, shorts, tracksuits, hats or socks are to be worn.

If for any reason the correct uniform cannot be worn the student is to provide a note explaining the circumstance to their homeroom teacher. A full list of correct uniforms can be found in the Student Planner and on Marian Connect.

Hairstyles are required to be neat and clean and off the face and ears. Girls must have hair tied back if over shoulder length. Boys may not have hair shaved shorter than a “number 2”. Haircuts must be even or not overly graded in cut, and of one natural colour.

Our complete Uniform and Grooming Policy can be found on Marian Connect.

Medical Plans

It is imperative that the College maintains accurate and up to date medical records and information for every student. Please note that an Action or Management Plan is required for your child if you have indicated that your child has asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes, or epilepsy. If you need to submit a plan, please make sure they are signed by both parents/carers and the student’s doctor, and provided to the school. 

If circumstances change throughout the year, please inform the College and complete an updated Student Health and Medical Information form which is available from the Student Foyer. 

Are your details up to date?

Perhaps over the holidays you moved to a new address, updated your email, or received a new phone number. Whenever these changes need to be made, it is imperative that you contact the school via phone (9654 6700) or by filling out this form on our School Stream app, so that we are aware of the changes. 

If changes have been made in regards to legal matters, financial issues, guardianship, or even the health of the student or parent/s, then we request a  Confidential Information Form be filled out and sent in to the principal.  These forms can be found at reception in the Administration Building or on Marian Connect.


There is a direct link between school attendance and academic achievement.

Just one or two days absent a month can add up to nearly four weeks of a school year. That’s a whole year of lost learning from Kindergarten to Year 10.  Every day counts!

Absences must always be explained by a parent / guardian and if absent for two days or more, a medical certificate is required.

Please be aware that planned leave must have prior approval from the Principal if over five days, just as early departures must be approved by the LoL Pastoral Care before school or at recess via a note from a parent / carer.

Our complete Attendance Policy can be found on Marian Connect.

Parent Drop Off

There is no drop-off / pick-up access to the Marian Catholic College bus bay between 8.15am - 9.00am and between 3.00pm - 4.00pm each day. Therefore vehicles dropping off or picking up students are not permitted in the bus turning area during these times. All students are to be dropped off and/or picked up during these times in the car park behind the school oval.

Due to high traffic during arrival and dismissal times, it is not appropriate for students to cross Annangrove Rd to access the school or to get to awaiting parents / caregivers. Please do not stop your car on that side expecting students to cross.

This Wednesday the 2018 leadership team launched the theme for  Marian Catholic College's 30th Year Anniversary. Over the past 30 years, Marian's legacy has already started forming. Essential to this legacy is our patron Mary who teaches us to "Walk with Christ" representing how we journey through school and life - a journey where we all walk with Christ. 

Reflecting on our past, present and future we want to continue building upon our school's identity so that we can  "build our legacy". This will be the theme for Marian's 30 year milestone: as a school we will discover the legacy that has already been created, how to build our own legacy, and the upcoming legacy we will set for future students. It is important to remember that the individuals who make up Marian's community control the direction of the school's identity and culture. 
We want to create a culture where students can courageously step up and have an impact on our school. In doing so, the school will elevate the students as they carry on Marian's Christian values, uplifting culture and spirit into their futures. 
As we are guided by our Christian values and our walk with Christ, we will use our strength to build our Marian legacy. 

Alessandra Valensise (and the Student Leadership Team)
SRC President 2018

And don't forget! Our 30 Day Photo Challenge starts on Monday! 

Above is the calendar with each day's theme.
You take a photo for each theme – interpret the theme any way you like, that's part of the fun! Get creative!
Direct message the photo to Marian's Instagram account ( @mariancatholiccollege), or you can email your entries to mariannews@parra.catholic.edu.au!
Each Saturday we’ll repost our favourite five images from the week on the Marian facebook page. Any time you get reposted, you go in to the draw to win a big prize at the end of the challenge! Make sure you let us know which image is yours!
Only one entry per person per day – so make it count!

That's all! So what are you waiting for?! Get involved, follow us on Instagram ( @mariancatholiccollege) and Facebook, and let’s get ready to celebrate 30 years of Marian Quality!

The Student Leaders

Our first whole school sporting event is on Monday 12 February with the annual Swimming Carnival!!
Students are encouraged to bring costumes or items of clothing in their house colour (Bradman: green, MacKillop: red, Paterson: yellow and Sutherland: purple) to help display their house spirit.
No inappropriate or offensive items will be tolerated.

Miss Dannielle Ward
Media, Events & Communications Coordinator

Welcome to the exciting and busy year ahead. Our focus for Term One will be supporting Project Compassion, and this will be launched at the next whole school Assembly.

We began our fundraising for Project Compassion today with students making lolly bags for sale - thanks to Mrs Susie Edmonds for donating the lollies!
All students are welcome to attend our Social Justice Meetings, and earn points for their house. Meetings are every Wednesday, lunch time in A2.

Mrs Meg Thomas
Social Justice Leader

Attention Year 10 and 11 Students!

Mock Trial is an exciting competition where you are a lawyer, a prosecutor, or a witness arguing a case in a simulated courtroom. If you want to learn more then come to a meeting in the iLearn next Monday 5 February at lunch time!
The Mock Trial competition is run by NSW Law Society
Ms Cecilia Batista

Shoe Box Appeal - Thank You!
I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who donated items to the Shoe Box Appeal at the end of last year. My Year 7 RE class had finished decorating the shoe boxes and filled them with the donations late last week. We ended up filling up 15 shoes boxes! 
Once again thank you for your help in making this Christmas a little easier for those in need. 

Miss Bella Bisazza

Vinnies Van Volunteers

A huge thank you goes out to the following students who gave up a night of their holidays on Tuesday 9 January, to prepare and serve food and drink in Mt Druitt and Parramatta. Mr Monk and Ms Brown were very impressed with their generosity of time, their maturity and how well they settled into the routine of Vinnies Van. The students were Patrick Rossiter, Elizabeth Staples, Casey Pennell, Kacie Lee, Caitlin Moseley and Roseanna Piperata.

Ms Cath Brown


In recent years, Marian Catholic College has trialed the use of MathsOnline as an additional resource in the teaching and learning of Mathematics. We have found it to be a beneficial and effective tool in providing students with a bank of relevant revision material. Additionally, MathsOnline has podcast lessons which assist students to cover work they have misunderstood or missed due to absence. Furthermore, it caters to the different learning styles of students.

In 2018, if bought through the school, the cost of subscription is $20 for the year. Due to the expenses parents have had to meet this year, the Mathematics department has not made this resource compulsory for students. However, several of the teachers have already been approached by students requesting access to the MathsOnline program.

If enough students are interested in subscribing, the distributors of MathsOnline will allow the students of Marian to subscribe to the program for this discounted price. It is not compulsory for students to purchase this resource. However, students from previous years have found MathsOnline to be an extremely valuable resource.

There are several benefits of this program. Lessons are presented to students in a manner similar to a classroom situation, so that a student who has been absent may hear and watch a demonstration of the content as well as receive clear instructions on how to solve a variety of problems. There are then questions which follow the example given, and students receive immediate feedback as to the accuracy of their solutions. This program may be beneficial as an alternative to private tuition, and the cost of $20 per year is significantly less than the cost required for tutoring. The site is available to students 24 hours a day, allowing help to be on-hand at the time required.

If you choose to subscribe, please complete the attached note and return to the Student Foyer in a sealed envelope clearly marked with – MATHSONLINE SUBSCRIPTION, student name, homeroom and $20 enclosed. Cheques are to be made payable to Marian Catholic College. All money should be received by Friday 16 February, 2018.

The Mathematics faculty is committed to providing every avenue of support for your child. Please do not hesitate to contact the College should you have any concerns. 

Mrs Emma Morrow
Leader of Learning - Mathematics
Student Opal Cards

An important requirement of School Opal is the need for students to Tap On and Tap Off when they travel to and from school.

Opal data gathered by tapping on and off is used to determine demand for bus services.

If students don’t Tap on and Tap off, services may be cancelled or reduced due to the lack of recorded patronage. With this in mind, we again ask for your assistance in reminding your children that tapping on and off at the beginning and end of each trip is one of the conditions of using a School Opal card. This in turn helps the bus companies ensure they are able to provide the appropriate level of service to our students.

Mr Paul Lown
(Acting) Leader of Learning - Administration

2018 School Fee Statements should be mailed out by the Catholic Education, Diocese of Parramatta office in mid February. Flexible Payment Plans will also be enclosed for your perusal. 
Please note that the first installment of school fees are due Wednesday 21 March 2018
If you have any queries, please contact Lara Flaviano at the college on 9654 6707 or  marianfinance@parra.catholic.edu.au

Mrs Lara Flaviano
Senior Finance Secretary

Parents are reminded that they MUST sign in at reception before heading over to the Uniform Shop.

Uniform Shop Hours
The Uniform Shop will only be open Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, 8:30am to 12:30pm, then 1:15pm till 2:15pm.
The Uniform Shop order form can be viewed here.

Uniform Stock

We also now have the following items back in stock:

  • Boy's Short Sleeve Shirts (Junior and Senior)

Mrs Jenine McGeorge
Uniform Shop Coordinator

Maths Drop In
Does your child need help with Mathematics or want to extend themselves?

There is a Mathematics teacher available every Tuesday afternoon (unless notified otherwise by the School Stream app) from 3:30pm until 4:30pm in A19 to help all Marian students with their mathematics. All they need to do is show up with their questions, queries or concerns.

Ms Emma Morrow
Leader of Learning - Mathematics
Vinnies Van Parramatta
Vinnies Van offers companionship, a light meal and referral for those experiencing homelessness and social isolation in Mt Druitt and Parramatta. It assists people of all ages and genders. The Vinnies Van operates seven nights a week, except New Year's Eve.
Students and staff at Marian volunteer their services to work in the van on the second Tuesday of each month.
Van Duty
Thank you to all staff and students who have offered their time and effort, to put their faith into practise by ministry for the homeless in the Parramatta area. The roster is as follows:
Tues 13 February
Mr Lindon 🎓
Miss Ward 🎓
Lucy Morris
Cassie Warwick
Sabrina Bichara
Jordan Zenere
Larissa Belcastro
Tues 13 March
Mrs Thomas 🎓
Miss Lupis 🎓
Onyero Eguaibor
Victoria Gonzales
Isabelle Farrugia
Jessica Moussa
Mikaela Graham
Mr Michael Hruby
Leader of Learning - Religious Education
Parish and CEDP News

St Madeline's Sophie Parish News
Parish Services
Weekend Masses
- Saturday 5.30pm (Eucharistic Adoration at 4.45pm),
- Sunday 8am, 10am, 5.30pm
Children’s Liturgy
- 10am Mass during Term
Weekday Masses
-Tues - Fri 9.15am
- Tues 9am at St Joseph Centre
Prayer Group
- Wednesdays after the 9.15am Mass
- Saturdays 5pm
- Every 4th Sunday, 11.20am, or during 10am Masses
- By appointment

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